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ALCL in the News

ALCL which is discussed in my blog a few weeks ago is now in the news and patients rightfully so have questions. Please see this great blog post by Dr. Karen Horton in California as it has great information! This video by Dr. Clemens is a very detailed excellent discussion....

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American Society of Plastic Surgery 2016 Statistics

This week the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) released its annual National Clearinghouse of Plastic Surgery statistics.  Each year, plastic surgeons are surveyed on the numbers of procedure that they perform.  This information is then compiled and statistics are released. The information is interesting to say the least and...

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Out of Town Patients

This week I saw several patients from out of the immediate southern New Jersey area.  One prospective breast augmentation patient drove in from Ohio, there was one from Brooklyn, New York, there were a few from North Jersey and Pennsylvania, but the winner on my schedule was from up in...

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Old Blog/New Blog

I had a blog up until about 2 years ago that was filled with great information about plastic surgery.  Unfortunately I had switched website vendors and in the process all of my thoughts and writings that I had put out over the years has seemingly been lost.  I am in...

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March Madness Filler Special

Buy Two, Get One Free! It seems like most people could always use just one more syringe to make things perfect! For March, we are doing buy 2 get 1 filler complimentary! Purchase any two Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma, or Radiesse at regular price and get a bonus 3rd syringe! Regular price Restylane and Juvederm $650 per…
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Botox Special

Third Thursday of Every Month Offered at $11/Unit
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