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You’ve worked hard to eat right and exercise but unsightly fat deposits still creep up in unwelcome places like your hips, stomach, arms, or legs. You might have read that targeted exercise in these regions will burn the fat or keep it from forming, but the reality is these fat deposits are largely determined by genetics. While diet and exercise play a key role in minimizing areas of unwanted fat, liposuction gives south New Jersey women and men slimmer proportions when stubborn trouble spots remain. Dr. Evan Sorokin specializes in body contouring surgery, including liposuction, and has extensive experience with both traditional liposuction and more recent techniques.

Why Us for Your Body Contouring

  • Dr. Sorokin is a liposuction specialist performing laser, ultrasonic and power-assisted lipo.
  • Our patients love their slimmer figures so much that many of them refer their friends and family to us.
  • Dr. Sorokin and his staff are committed to your safety, comfort and satisfying results.

Find out how liposuction can help you attain the sculpted shape you desire. Request a consultation with Dr. Evan Sorokin at our office in Cherry Hill or call 856-797-0202.

Benefits of Traditional Liposuction

For many individuals who are bothered by stubborn fat deposits in New Jersey and Philadelphia, liposuction surgery by Dr. Sorokin is a great way to dramatically alter body shape. The procedure can create a better-proportioned figure and eliminate fat from many areas including:

  • Chin and neckline
  • Back
  • Upper arms
  • Stomach and waistline
  • Hips and buttocks
  • Thighs and knees

You should remember that liposuction is not a replacement for proper exercise and diet. Instead, it is used to target areas where stubborn fat accumulates. For detailed information, visit Dr. Sorokin’s informative site all about liposuction.

Traditional Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction may be performed under general anesthesia while you are asleep, or under local anesthesia where the targeted area is numbed and you remain awake. This all depends on patient desires as well as safety considerations.  While some patients want to be awake for their liposuction, only very small areas can be safely done under local anesthesia.  Dr. Sorokin will often recommend sedation or general anesthesia to get a better, safer result.  Dr. Sorokin first injects tumescent solution into the fatty layer to inhibit bleeding, control pain, and cause the surrounding tissues to temporarily swell and become firmer. Through tiny incisions, he inserts a narrow tube or “cannula” under the skin and vacuums out the excess fatty tissue.

After eliminating excess fat, the incisions are closed by applying a compression dressing or bandage to the area in order to prevent bleeding, reduce swelling, and provide support. The surgery itself lasts between 30 minutes to a few hours depending on the amount of fat to be removed. There are a lot of myths about what happens before, during, and after a liposuction procedure.

Dr. Sorokin uses several different liposuction techniques to enhance traditional liposuction. His patients find that these new procedures result in less pain and can speed recovery. During your consultation, Dr. Sorokin will discuss with you which method or methods are best for your body type and for the treatment areas. In almost every case, patients are amazed by how smooth and even their skin appears after full recovery from the procedure. Women who visit Dr. Sorokin for breast augmentation frequently combine it with liposuction for a more comprehensive body enhancement.

Recovery after Liposuction Surgery

While length of recovery depends on the size and number of areas treated, new techniques allow for faster recovery after a liposuction procedure than ever before. Generally, post-operative instructions call for plenty of rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing process and reduce recovery time. You may need to wear a support garment for several weeks after the surgery, depending upon which areas have been treated. Patients sometimes report minor pain associated with surgery which can be treated effectively with over-the-counter medication. While complications are rare, our patients can minimize the risk of potential problems by carefully following the directions given after surgery.



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